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“What is the difference between double and triple glazing?”

Triple Glazing

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Well, to put in simple terms, Triple Glazing if fitted correctly will help make your home quieter, safer and above all warmer saving you extra money on your winter fuel bills.
HeatGuard Triple Glazing is great value for money and can improve your homoe and your life in so many ways!

Why Quieter?

1. Maximum comfort and reduced noise -
the thermal efficiency of triple glazed units ensures that cold spots are eliminated.
HeatGuard Triple glazed units can also be optimised to deliver excellent thermal acoustic performance - minimising noise levels from outside.

Why Safer?

2. Improved home security -
the third ('triple') pane of glass ensures that your windows are more difficult to break into, making your home more secure and giving you
additional peace of mind.

HeatGuard UPVC triple glazed windows are available in a huge range of styles and finishes, with coloured woodgrain effects and various glass options to suit any home. And with the low maintenance, high performance advantages of modern double glazing, you can see why many homeowners are choosing HeatGuard triple glazing for their replacement windows.

Why Warmer?

3. Reduce your home heating bills and carbon footprint -
HeatGuard triple glazing is even more energy efficient than our standard double glazed windows, according to the GGF Energy Savings Calculator standard A Rated windows could save you around £7400 on your energy bill and 23 tonnes of carbon over the next 20 years, however triple glazing is 40% more thermally efficient so the savings will be far higher.

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